Electrical Info

Members of the Electrical Team learn Basic Electrical and Electronic Terms and Practices.

The first important step to understanding how your robot works electrically is Electrical Whatsit: Test1Identify [Adobe Reader required]

When bragging about your robot to other teams, or even asking about theirs, it’s vital to know what each Electrical Part is really called.  They are not all Do-hickeys, Dinguses, Thingamajigs and Thingumabobs: Test2Assembly [Adobe Reader still required]

Ever wonder why your robot has such an appetite for fully charged batteries?  Can you tell how long a battery will last?  Is the battery ready for charging again or ready for the recycle bin this time?  Voltage, Resistance and Amps, Oh My!

[link for Test3Calculate goes here]


Communication is the key to success. Whether it is a simple motor, a servo, an LED that needs to be turned on, your robot needs to know the proper method to communicate and control these devices.  Listening to the playing field for the start of Autonomous mode is different that deciding what awesome autonomous mode to use.  Press 1 for English!

[link for Test4Advanced goes here]


If you Ace all 4 tests, you will be awarded the Red Storm Robotics Electrical Wizard certificate.